Agricultural activities in the farm

Today, as in the past, the historic Palagiaccio farm plays an important role as a reference for the agriculture of Florence and it maintains the continuity with the tradition of cattle breading and milk production. The farm has an ample agricultural area where cereals and forage are tilled. Crops are assigned wholly for feeding the hundreds of cattle of the farm. Agricultural activities are marked by the maximum respect for the environment and all of them are realized with the objective of a low environmental impact. We do not use GMO for a clear choice of our company: our target is a food farming activity compatible with ecology.

For this reason we obtained the certification of “Agriqualità Toscana, i.e a regional title that certifies the quality of our products. Above all other products, it is important to cite our “High quality Mugello Milk”, daily milked only from Palagiaccio cows, and the meat of our cattle, outcomes of several crossbreeds of the most esteemed races. All animals are born in our farm, since generations and in free range, respecting animal wellness. They are perfectly integrated with Mugello land and they eat only fodder produced in our farm. Cattle breeding is a very important activity because it represents a fundamental condition for the normal biological process of soil.

The Circle of Life depends not only on the rotation of crops but also on the organic substance necessary to the creation of humus which grants soil fertility. Moreover, in nature, only ruminants are able to transform vegetal proteins of fodder, rich of roughage and cellulose, in animal proteins fundamental for human and contained in milk and meat. The knowledge of this processes together with a full respect for natural cycles represent the base of our agricultural activity.


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