True Mugellana meat

Another important aspect of our farm is represented by cattle-breeding, a fundamental part of our agricultural activity in Tuscany since centuries.
We slaughter only cattle born in Palagiaccio farm and breaded with our fodder. Our cattle are the result of several crossbreeds with the most esteemed races.
Calf are breed with maximum care since the very first day of life and this determines the high quality of our meat. The traditional hanging process are very important.
We leave meat at rest for 2/4 weeks in proper rooms where temperature and dampness are carefully monitored. This is the only natural way to exalt the features of a tender, tasteful meat, of a beautiful red color.
The fresh meat produced in the farm is available in packaging of 6 and 12 kg: in both package there is a careful selection of all cuts vacuum-packed.
It is easy to understand that the number of slaughtered cattle is very limited; so booking is fundamental to plan the delivery of the boxes.

The family package

The family package is composed of rigorously selected meat trays vacuum, with a total weight of 5-6 kg and 10 -12 kg. As detailed in the table to ensure an optimal distribution of various types of cuts, each pack consists of 1 / 32 and 1 / 16 of one cow. Along with the meat you will find a small guide cookbook with recipes of traditional Tuscan cuisine.


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