We firmly believe that an important target for an healthy lifestyle consists in pursuing the quality. Reduced numbers and volumes of production together with meticulous and exclusively handmade working processes assure maximum attention and care for our products: for this reason it is possible to say that “Palagiaccio” produces “Quality”, protecting the environment at the same time thanks to its agricultural practices. Transparency, short weaving factory and a non – stop monitoring are guarantees for a true and extremely sure local product.

We are also convinced about the necessity of an available information regarding Palgiaccio food farming activities: for this reason we are extremely committed in our function of “Didactic Farm”. Institutions awarded us with this title because they considered our reality worthy to be known. We work together for the realization of didactic projects intended to approach young people to a correct and healthy diet. In a little museum we collect tools and a lot of old agricultural machinery.

Our guests could visit it to know ancient country traditions. This is Palagiaccio historic farm: a place where people work with zeal and passion, protecting the surrounding enviroment. Enviromement, in fact, is our most precious richness and we are perfectly aware about this: so we are involved in the efforts to keep it intact for the generations of the future.


Via Senni,40 int.6
P.I. C.F. 06083140480
Rea 0598875
Punto Vendita di fattoria

Località Senni, 40 Scarperia, Firenze

Aperto tutti i giorni
Mattino: 9.00 -13.00
Pomeriggio: 15.30 - 19.00

Tel. 055 8402103

Fax 055 8496707

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