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It's thanks to the people, to the passion, to the traditions and the love for the earth that Palagiaccio historic farm produces cheeses that represent an absolute excellence realized with subjects first Natural of quality and of short supply chain.

For this in 2017 we have thought about making to be born the project Top Quality: a net of promotion, with a identifyng logo, that aims to make to know cafe, restaurants, inns, bistrò and other places that choose and they valorize to the best our products.

Here you can find all the places of the net Top Quality, to discover the dishes that the chefs realize with the latticinis, the meats of the Farm Palagiaccio and to pick up the information to be able to book a supper or a tasting.

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    PALAGIACCIO s.s.a.

    Via Senni,40 int.6
    50038 SCARPERIA (FI)
    P.I. C.F. 06083140480
    Rea 0598875
    Punto Vendita di fattoria

    Località Senni, 40 Scarperia, Firenze

    Aperto tutti i giorni
    Mattino: 9.00 -13.00
    Pomeriggio: 15.30 - 19.00

    Tel. 055 8402103

    Fax 055 8496707

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